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Beijing time. Trolling moments!

Just finished compiling all the GoPro video clips into one. Here it is!



Last weekend I hopped on a bus with my friends from Pasay, Cubao to Olongapo, where you will need to change to another bus going to Zambales province. Zambales is famous for the long beach and huge bricks with graffiti. It was a good weekend spent with some old friends I met a year ago in Manila.

Lesson learnt. Always indulge yourself in the moment. Don’t overthink. It is where all the stress flows in when you think too much. You’re still young and there’s no point to rush. You’d regret not having your time well spent but you wouldn’t regret enjoying your time. That said, keep your expectation low, always, but have faith in yourself at the same time!


Here are some of the pics of the hostel we stayed in, The Circle.

IMAG2179 IMAG2140 IMAG2141 IMAG2142 IMAG2144 IMAG2146

What does backpacking mean to me

Backpack means


Travels has a lot of different types. Being on a travel lets you know what you really want in life, or in my case, travels is what I want in my life.

I’d rather call it backpacking since to me it means something different. It is a kind of experience you’ll never find if you only focus on living in a fancy luxurious life. At some point you have to learn how to minimalise, unless you’re super rich, in which case you don’t even have to bother anything.

Backpacking on budgets teaches you to appreciate more. Stories that come along your journey from other people make you a humbler person, as you get inspired each day. If you don’t open up your world to others, everything means nothing.

Basic is more. One smile means everything. It is all you need. Take a bike or roam around one place give you a sense of spirituality. It doesn’t have to be monetary, cause you can’t buy nature. Again, unless you’re super rich, but in which case the nature wouldn’t be appreciated anyway.

Backpacking gives you a chance to witness. To witness people’s life even they speak a completely different language. This is the time you learn to connect with people. It’s more about living than having. It’s about the eagerness to live your life.

What does travels mean to me


Blogging my travels and planning the next one. If learning never ends so does traveling. It’s a process that continuously shapes who I am.

Estoy escribiendo sobre mis viajes y planeando el siguiente. Si nunca el aprendizaje termina, es mismo para el viaje. Es un proceso que forma lo que soy.

7 Reasons why Myanmar/Burma is your next country to visit

1. All the pagodas that will definitely blow your mind

Pagodas in Myanmar are very fascinating but sometimes can be the weirdest designs. A pagoda can be on the hill, in the middle of a lake, or on a golden rock. Some of them allow you to climb to the top for the panoramic view, especially in Bagan, the walled city.
Golden Rock, Kyaiktiyo

Water Pagoda (pagoda surrounded by water on an island) in Thanlyin

Panoramic view from the top of a pagoda in Bagan

Sandamuni Pagoda, Mandalay

2. The food may look aweful but they taste like heaven

They usually have noodles of different types, sticky, flat, or with soup. Or another traditional meal would be plain rice with a main dish (pork, beef or chicken), plus several side dishes.

The famous and delicious Shan noodle


Beef curry with vegetable side dishes
3. Go out to meet the local people

Burmese people smile a lot and know how to relax. Learning basic local language and trying it on them will get a big smile back.




4. Nature

Myanmar, aside from all the religious spots, has tons of natural places for you to explore. From Inle Lake in the north east, to the caves of Pyin Oo Lwin, till the hiking trail up to Golden Rock in the south near Rangoon. Even during the raining season, the view is still breathtaking.

Inle lake


Maing Thauk village


Exactly what you will see on the way from Nyaungshwe to Maing Thauk village by bike

5. Bizarre traditions

Most of the males wear longyi, a traditional wearing as their pants. Women usually put on the natural sunblock on their face, which is a kind of powders made from truck juice mixed with water (some men also use it). And once you get to the streets, lots of women put a huge bucket of merchants on their head, on the top of a wrapped towel.

Thanaka is a natural sunscreen females would put on their faces

Long neck women in Nyaungshwe


 The way they live their lives is unique and chilled

Burmese people have a special way of living. It’s very relaxed that at one point you almost forget about how the big city life is like. You just discover life from a new perspective every single day from their novelty in this country.

How fishing looks like in most lakes of Burma

University students in Yangon


Red mountain, Nyaungshwe

7. The amazing sunset

Sunsets in Myanmar are one of the highlights. It may be cloudy, but it will never go wrong. Pick a good spot, set up your tripod, and just sit and chill until the sunset comes.

U Bein Bridge, Mandalay



New facebook page

Hello guys I’ve created a FB page (facebook.com/DeInpiraciones)
This is mainly for my trips next week in Southeast Asia – Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia
I’ve got my GoPro recently so you can expect some great pictures coming 🙂
I update both FB page and WordPress. I also write it in Spanish to force myself to keep learning it.

I hope you find my stories, thoughts and pictures interesting! Life is beautiful!


So you’ve been to Thailand, but…

I’m sure you’ve experienced how crazy good the food and nightlife are in Thailand, probably in Bangkok or Chiangmai. But here is the second capital of Thailand, with everything you expected of Thailand, elephants, golden temples or even headless buddhas, all packed in a city. Not that big, but big enough for a one-day biking trip. You can get the ticket at Bangkok Central Railway Station. After the 3 hour train ride, make sure you get a map from Ayutthaya station. Now rent a bike and you’re ready to go! 🙂

A few things to note:

  • Ayutthaya is not so touristy and the train ride is an absolutely local experience
  • You may not meet many tourists there but elephants you will see a lot (but the ride is for around 100USD)
  • Greet the cute local dogs!
  • You can read the history of why most buddhas were beheaded outside the ruins (the reason was the Burma-Thai religious war)
  • Always take the stairs to the top when you enter the temple. It gives you amazing views!
  • The floating market was hard to find and I ended up in the elephant garden
  • On the way back you can go to the pier, put your bike on the boat, and have the way back across the river 🙂


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