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“To any question anyone asks me, I’ll say yes”



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This was the day that finally made me determined to start a blog
It has to be about inspirations. Because I couldn’t be more inspired on that particular day.

So, the story went like this.
It was 1 Dec when I went on a trip in Hong Kong for the red maple leaves trail with around 20 Couchsurfers(an online travel group I’ll probably explain later), with the following itinerary.
1200 gathered at Long Ping Stn, took a bus to Tai Tong Road
1300 walk along Sweet Gum Woods
1600 left for the sunset at Ha Pak Nai

A lot of different people I met there. An Australian-born Malaysian, carrying a ukulele trying to learn how to play it. She just left from Berlin. An Arabic girl, who has been studying in Canada just because she travelled there and felt like she wanted to stay. Now she’s on exchange in Hong Kong. A group of Singaporeans taking internships through AIESEC(a university-based student group). And many others. We shared our stories while walking along the trail.

Autumn was almost over so it was not as amazing as I expected.

A very cute dog I encountered on our way. Look at him

Sunset at Ha Pak Nai

With Ines, the Arabic girl.

After the sunset we went to a traditional chinese hotpot place. Food comes with beers. Jokes, and more jokes, with a lot of experiences and stories on the dining table.
“To any question anyone asks me, I’ll say yes”, said Christine, the Malaysian girl. We were super curious about that. “Why? Even I ask you to come to sleep with me tonight?” another girl asked. “Yeah. Why not? My answer is yes, to every question people ask me. I can leave the town tomorrow. I can go to your place tonight. Or we can hike to the mountain now. I mean, what possibly could happen? as long as you’re not pointing a gun at me, then I’ll say no.”

After a while, she got asked a question again.
“What is your most memorable experience?”
Christine, again, started to share her story,
“Well, I don’t really have a particular memorable experience. But, If I have to pick one, it’d be 2 days ago, the last day I was in Berlin…
I walked to a construction site, a large piece of empty land where a lot of people just built their own houses. They were not even houses. They just make their own little space for themselves. I found it so special…
And I met that guy there again in Berlin… We actually met before… He has basically nothing and on the day we met again he invited me to his… home… It’s not a home. He just made his space and sleeps there. He was sitting with his two other friends, holding his box. These are what he got. He basically has NOTHING! I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. He smiled. That smile was so real and he was truly happy.”

Well, before that dinner I was arguing with this girl if it’s a good idea to travel with basically nothing. I asked her about the place to stay.
“They will take you. Just ask.”
“But… at least you should have a job, to at least a bit money.” “For what?”
“Travel to another place.” “You can hitchhike.”
“But it doesn’t always work, right?” “It will, eventually.”

It will, eventually.


The night was full of wisdom and laughters. When walking to the train, I was engaged in a conversation with a Singaporean who is now taking an internship in HK. He is thinking about getting a scholarship for his master. With the 1st class hon and a current high paid job, he’s already secured a promising future I could tell. I was telling him my plan to travel and study abroad. And he also told me his.
“My plan is not still within Asia. It always depends on what you want. If you go fast, you go alone. If you go slow, you go in a group. In a group you have each other, you make plans. If you want it, you go fast but alone. But, what if you run of water and food?”

True that you can’t be always going by yourself. What if there’s nothing more for you to survive?


There’s nothing you can’t do. Always be welcome to all invites. Be optimistic to the future. Try out as many things as possible in your life. Stop thinking and start doing. Do it because you’re proud of yourself, not because it makes them proud.

If someone ever asks you anything, accept it. What could possibly happen?
Go for it if you really want it. You will eventually get there.
But make sure you bring enough food.


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