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Malaysia or Myanmar?


Sean Yau

Hello people I'm on something i've been too lazy to start on. This blog records the inspirations in my life, and all the backpacking trips i've made, regularly updated.

I am an undergraduate law student in The University of Hong Kong. Regular Backpacker and looking for a lot more.



Study break. Two more exams to go 4 days more in the States. Then begin the summer trips until infinity. Infinity. Ending my times in the States with ridiculously tremendous schoolwork. Two papers this week and three exams next week. Mexico is waiting for me just two more weeks! Dos semanas mas hasta viajare a México para vivir mi vida. Solo sí podría correr de todas los complicaciones. #UNC La tierra en mis ojos #puertorico #springbreak #sanjuan

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Can you tell which one was taken in Malaysia and which in Myanmar?

I’ve been too lazy to sort out my photos and write about my trip. But it’s gonna happen soon…



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1 Comment

  1. Thain Gar says:

    Haha. The above is taken in Myanmar. The Burmese characters on the right gave it away.

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