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Couchsurfing Kuala Lumpur



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So at the beginning of this month I couchsurfed at a native malaysian’s place in Kuala Lumpur.
Couchsurfing is getting popular and i started getting into this thing since last year. It all began with my CS experience with my Colombian hosts in Manila, the Philippines. So far i’ve hosted 3 people at my place. We’ll get to this later, when i become more active in CS and decide to write a post about it.

I stayed with my host, Anthony(or AJ as he prefers!), for 3 days. I was the 6th surfer he was having at that moment. So they were basically cramped into 3 rooms and i, the late comer, “surfed” his couch. Side story: AJ’s the one hosting but it seemed like he’s the one couchsurfing when he had to sleep on the couch and couldn’t connect to his own wifi while everyone else could! was pretty funny!


This is my awesome crew in KL! After I got stuck in Manila airport(which can be traced to my second blog post) for almost one day, I flew to KL airport at the midnight and had to stay overnight there. I went with AJ and other CSers to a bamboo house in the middle of nowhere, after i don’t know how many hours of no sleeping. So this is the bamboo house, the whole thing made of bamboos.



After that we went to a waterfall with a larger crowd, most of them still CSers.
It was the craziest CS event i’ve been to! I could never imagine myself loosing up playing around in the waterfall with CSers! Afterall most of the events i’ve joined were pretty normal, “decent”!


At night we cancelled the plan to go out to the city centre for partying. Instead we stayed in chilling at AJ’s house and playing werewolf. And when my chinese wisdom kicked in i did win one round as i was the wolf! Beers and more beers. Normally i would need a lot of sleep but that time i was enjoying so much we stayed up just chatting and playing card games.

The next day I overslept but still sticked to my plan to Melaka, a city of 3 hour bus ride away from KL. We’ll get to it later. The day i came back from Melaka, I walked around the KL city for almost all touristy attractions within a half day. Pretty tiring but i made it through and went back to AJ’s house. We went to a reggae bar(it’s actually called reggae bar), but the thing is they was playing pop music. Ok it didn’t feed my reggae appetite at all but anyway, we drank until someone decided to go back. At the midnight i took a taxi to the airport for my flight to Myanmar. That would be another long story.

Here are more photos with my host and many other awesome people that made my KL trip worth it!

AJ and me



This is one of the most memorable CS experience I’ve had. CS is a community where we really open our heart and not care about anything else.
So there was a little smiling buddha I gave to AJ(because I think it looks like him!) and he also gave me a chinese mascot. Really appreciate the days in KL when he took good care of me and showed me around. We will meet again!


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