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Malaysia, the ‘lah’ country of pigeons



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Before I get to it, I’ve come down to this title because they 99% of the time add ‘lah’ to every sentence, and seems like all pigeons there enjoy hanging around at the church and temples.



Ok. Back to my story. After couchsurfing at my host’s place for one whole day, I took a bus to Melaka the other day. Since it was 5pm when I got there, I simply just wandered around taking photos before I looked for a place to stay. The bus dropped me right at the China Town, one just pretty similar to any other China Towns. Red signs. Chinese characters coming with calligraphy. Antiques. It was very nice walking along the main river with all lights, both sides of which accommodate lots of portugese architectures(Melaka was a colonial city by the portugese).


I stayed at the Backpackers’ Freak Hostel. Sounds lovely and something I would totally crush at. I picked the dorm but as all others had been checked out I had it all for myself. In the evening I met up with other 2 Argentina girls from couchsurfing and walked around the well known Jonker Street, with different kinds of stuff being sold. The Street was not that impressive. It’s always the people with interesting stories that make your trip awesome and special.

They are Guadalupe and Paula, both chemical analysts and working as freelances. They were two girls travelling in Asia for 1 month, after Paula started her advising service for medical companies in South America and convinced Guadalupe to do it with her along with another Argentina girl. It was a good story because this is what I really want to do after I graduate, something I can do on the internet and earn money.

So we talked away the night, having some local beers and checking around. On the next day, since I didn’t have time to take a look at all the temples and the China Town, I woke up early so that I can capture some of the beautiful places in Melaka before heading back to KL. Here are some photos.


It was a very nice one day trip in Melaka. The Portugese environment reminded me of Macau a bit, both of them being their colonies before. And of course the food there was really good too.

The story continued after the 3 hour bus ride back to KL with my coffee!


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