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When life puts you in hell, come back with an army of devils



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In the city of Bagan, Myanmar, 15 is the age when all the kids have to go to monasteries. In fact, to really become a monk, those little monks wanna-be have to study the buddha language since they are young. Tough job huh? In order to become something that you probably don’t even want to be, you have to abandon all the imagination and follow what everyone else is doing.

This burmese kid lives in a village in Bagan. I met him the first time when he was trying to sell me his sand painting. I did, and gave him a bag of breads. The second day I biked around the city by myself visiting a village there. Turned out he lives there and I ran into him and his friends. He was so excited and showed me the temples for the whole afternoon.

Little monk, that’s how I called him. He was pissed, but smiling. I asked if he wants to be a monk. He said no. He wants to do business and skip all those monastery thing. But it’s hard, at least to a young child like him. But as I knew he has already started doing his small business, selling sand paintings that he made by himself, and toured foreigners around the temples and got paid for it.

He’s little. But he’s definitely a smart ass. Trust me, because he got me asking for money when he showed me temples and the whole day which I thought was out of our friendship but turned out was because he wanted to sell out his postcards. He’s also a cool kid, with his stickered bike and music player on it.

He was so excited playing my phone and checking all the photos.

His smile was so true and genuine I almost forgot I come from a big city and am living my life in a comfortable way. I felt for him because I perfectly knew that he doesn’t like his life, at least not in that way. And he wants to do business instead of getting sent to the stupid monastery as he thinks.

But the thing is, and what I learnt from this is, every now and then, life is gonna push you around. Life will only push you in the direction same as the crowd’s. Some people follow. Some don’t. But for those who beg to differ, life will sound hard and it really will be.

The question is, should we follow? or do we have to?

Think about it. Think about the way you’re living your life. Think about all the daily stuff you’re doing. All the materials you’re owning. Do you want them? Do you want to live with this? Probably not. But as far as I know, life is a bitch, most of the things it gave you come with a tag. “Security”. We need security that’s why we don’t usually change anything, or simply step on the footprint of the person in front, to make sure no danger ahead.


Right now you should’ve realised you don’t have to follow anyone else. What you really want to be on? I bet 90% of the time what you want is definitely not what the people/crowd are doing. Not doing that makes you look awkward and different. What we’re born to be already defined the cover of our life book. Don’t you want it when everybody’s book shares the same cover, same content and most of the pictures, you have that one page you create for yourself? That page you actually feel like you can fill in anything you want, put things in the order you like.

Every now and then life is gonna push you around. But you bounce back, with faith, with the belief that you can excel just like everybody else does. But the way you did it would be different. Don’t let the majority scare you away.

Even when it seems like the lowest point in your life, even when life puts you in hell, come back with an army of devils.


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  1. This is so cool man. Inspiring! Backpack with me next time. lol

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