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The LOCAL food always gets you stuffed



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A meal of 2USD can definitely get you so full! But this only happens in Burma!

Myanmar chicken noodle with soup

Every time I travel, one of the things I always stick to is: no matter what, get the LOCAL food!

There are always those travellers I met along the way who are too picky. By picky I mean they got scared/disgusted by the local meals. Too oily. Looks gross. Or “Ew! What the hell is that?!”  So, why are you here travelling then?

One big way to experience the local life is to eat local. There’s no point to get carbonara, pizza, or caesar salad here. Another reason is that the local meal is always cheaper, which makes it the best option for you in a budget trip. In Burma, food can be really cheap if you try to venture into small roads, get into the alleys and pick whatever food that intimidates you. It worked for me most of the time.

During my time in Yangon, I got the Burmese food every day and found it really delicious. They usually ask you to pick one main dish. Could be curry chicken, pork, or mixed vegetable. After that, soup and other side dishes will be served with several sauces. I didn’t fancy the sauces. They told me the sauces are mostly made of smashed vegetable and special spices.

burmese food-4
A burmese restaurant I found in the city centre of Yangon
burmese food-2
They have different options of main dishes for you. You only pick one, and all other side dishes will come along.
burmese food-3
The beef curry was really good.
burmese food-5
A pot of vegetable you will get. Usually you need to dip the sauce and eat it with rice.

This meal I got came with soup and desert. And this costed only 2USD(2000Kyats/16HKD) for everything.

My burmese food trip didn’t stop in Yangon. When I was in Bagan, there were hawkers on the streets selling noodles for breakfast. Riding a bike to Old Bagan(the walled city), I also located several local restaurants. Aside from that they sell mixed fruits on the streets, with salts.

Bagan DSC_7600
While in the early morning in Mani Sithu Market, Nyaung U, Bagan
burmese food-6
Burmese noodle 
burmese food-8
Beef curry in a restaurant near Bu Paya, Old Bagan.
burmese food-7
They put orange, peach, pineapple in a bag with salts. It was outside Bu Paya, Bagan.
burmese food-9
The last lunch I had at Bagan in Myinkaba village

Local food is unexpectable but cheap and is the best way to experience their life. Always try what the locals have. This is my rule and I could say the food I’ve found were the highlights of my trips.


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