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Who goes to hell and who goes to heaven?



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“I hope in this life I serve Krishna well. So that after I die I will go to the spiritual world and really get to serve him.” Marvin told me. He is a filipino priest working at a Hindu temple in Hong Kong.

Marvin and me

Hinduism is an interesting religion to me. They comprise a lot of concepts that are practised in their daily life.

They believe everything has consciousness. Cows are deemed sacred creatures, specially designed by God. You will find the walls in Indian villages are painted with cow dung. Hindu people think cow dung are pure for cooking, medicine for wound healing, or fertilising. The outlook of Krishna, the main God of Hinduism, was adopted by a billion film Avatar years ago.

You might think Hinduism is just another kind of religion. But actually it is not a religion that just falls into the category. It has tons of practices and traces, alongside with theories that would blow your mind.

“I am doing good deeds and practising spiritualism in this life as much as possible, hoping that after I die I will go to the spiritual world to serve Krishna.” Marvin said.
“What if you couldn’t go to that world?” I asked.
“Then I will have to get in another body and keep practising spiritualism for Krishna.”

As a judgmental person like me, of course i didn’t let such a chance go. I kept questioning Marvin.

“So, as I’ve observed for all the religions out there, each of them has their own theory. So who are going to heaven and who are going to hell? Does that mean all people but the Hindu are going to hell?”
“Yes. They will have to. To go to the spiritual world, the heaven, one has to practise spiritualism.”
“I am also trying to be spiritual as much as I can.”
“No you can’t. It is different. You have to have a spiritual master.”


This is one side of Hinduism. The way they look at Karma is inspiring. Marvin was analysing some global issues with us. Global warming, poverty, pollution, lack of resources… The list can go on and on.

“Everything is about Karma.”

We, humans, chase for materialism. At the same time, all the problems occurring are solely the consequences of our own acts. We seldom realise that.

A dressing session on that day

Religion is a subtle topic. Every religion has its own theory. Who goes to hell? Who goes to heaven? Which God is the real one? Which God is really going to rescue us on the doom day? All these questions. Most of us probably have our answers in mind. But what i’m trying to say is. What if there’s no answer? What if any answer can be right, can make sense, depending on which mindset of rights and wrongs we’re having in our mind?

If we believe, we don’t need an explanation.

On the day of visit, they led us to sing and dance with drums.


And a decent Indian lunch was provided to us

Being religious, to me, is a form of reliance on an abstract idea which makes oneself feel better or more secure. Having said that, we shall not deny their ideas. Being spiritual is probably what we need the most today, rather than chasing after materials.


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