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Why Hong Kong people are getting rotten



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This is a 70s story that tells you how Hong Kong people’s value has drastically changed.


Taken from Tsim Sha Tsui (2013)

Hong Kong stepped up its game for the past decades. 10 fingers couldn’t count all the city establishments here that stand at the top of the world. Economy, education, traffic, social facility…. I live in HK and I have everything, everything at hand.

HK was ranked the best city by The Economist. It’s among the top 10 of the most touristy cities in the world. Most subjects from our universities hit the top 10 worldwide.

But this is absolutely not the end of the story.

Hong Kong is also known as “the city of protest”, for the over 1,000 protests/assemblies that took place here last year, a data from Amnesty International. You ask anyone in HK, he will tell you how much the government sucks. He tells you how lame and useless our policies are. Conspiracy runs wild.

Demonstrations can mean two things. One. The city’s really fucked up. That’s why people go to the street to make sure their complaints are well heard. Or. The city’s fine and actually satisfactory compared to other parts of the world. But the people in it are still not satisfied. The problem now is different. They will never get satisfied.

I’ve been noticing in this big city, Hong Kong people’s value has constantly changed throughout the recent years. It’s not about how worse the government has become, but because everyone has been recognised the citizen from the best city. They become greedy and hungry. They’re hungry for more. Look at the news. Even a very little mistake happened, they got crazy and filed complaints, with a lot of conspiracy accusations.

Taken from The University of Hong Kong (2013)

I’d end here with a 70s story, a story I found in Metropolis Daily. I translated it to English in the following. As much as I’d love to tell the change in the HK people’s value, and how they abused their claimed rights and made a whole big drama out of a small incident. This story speaks for itself.


In the past century(1970s), HK people were passionate about traveling to the Philippines. Whoever was holding a identity document(C.I.) had to exchange Pesos equivalent to 200USD at the arrival. But, the filipino tours were still greatly welcomed.


Recall the time when every tour contained over 90% of C.I. holders, people born at that time would receive a civil document from the UK government, which exempt them from the visa requirement by the Philippines. After the handover in 1997, such document became british passport(BNO). For mainlanders, they still had to apply for visa and C.I. to travel. Also, because The Philippines was named “The Country of Thousand Islands” and is only half an hour flight from HK, the nice weather and amazing scenery had led to a prosperous tourism in the 80s. 5-star hotels, Banaue’s Rice Terrices, Boracay’s boat trips, Taro ice cream and mangos for souvenirs. Hotels and Flights were always fully booked.

日前,與一位當年從香港到菲律賓留學、每逢香港長假期都會幫我客串帶團的老友閒談。他憶述在1976年的春節假期,獲安排為我公司一個四十多人的旅行團做導遊,當時旅行團原安排入住全馬尼拉最豪華的Manila Hotel,豈料在他與團友抵埗check in時,才知道酒店超賣,只能提供兩間雙人房,其他人則要在宴會廳睡塔塔米。

Few days ago, I chatted with an old friend from HK who studied in the Philippines. He recalled that in the chinese new year of 1976, he worked as a tourist guide for around 40 HK people, who was supposed to stay at Manila Hotel. Unfortunately when they arrived the check in counter, they were informed that the hotel was almost fully booked and could only offer 2 double rooms. Others had to sleep on the floor.


Facing such unexpected event, he successfully talked all the tourists to let a newly-wed  and another elderly couples to take that 2 rooms. Others were sleeping on the floor after having a meal outside. Every single person was back to HK at the end being so happy and satisfied. My old friend told me, there was no person complaining, but understanding that the hotel accidentally rented the rooms out, the rooms that were supposed to be their rooms. Everyone was content with his solution. I praised my friend being so smart and competent. He humbly said, today HK people’s attitude and value are totally different from those in the past days. Today, most people when faced with difficulties lack tolerance, feel scared of having the best or losing their faces. They only know how to blame and pick on each other. They turn something little into a big drama. I truly hope that after reading this story, if any problem ever happens in this city again, everyone will know how to forgive and give way to each other. And hopefully this will build up an ideal home for us – Hong Kong!

葉慶寧 (逢周一見報)經濟發展委員會小組成員/香港旅行社東主協會會長



  1. K says:

    Hi. My friends and I visited HK last week. Hmm. I was kinda shocked at how some people from HK treated foreigners. Saw a few shouting at some foreigners who were just trying to haggle and buy from them. Some were nice though and accommodating.

    • Yes this is true. But this is just because the old people running the street business do not like it when the tourists wander for so long without buying anything. That’s also a bad thing about us. But, what I explained in the article was that HK people are hardly satisfied, which could also be relevant to your experience 🙂

      • K says:

        Yeah, they really mean business. Lol. i admire their hard work though.

        Regarding your post, is it because since they’ve also been working hard, that’s why they get this sense of entitlement? Not generalizing hk people

  2. I really didn’t think clearly about the reason behind. Since I’ve been living in HK for so many years plus all the travels I’ve made, there’s a really huge contrast here. People in HK tend not to feel satisfied and ofc unhappy and stressed out all the time. Probably sometimes bearing an internationally renowned title isn’t that easy. They try to present the best/make up the best to the world even tho sometimes it’s not what it is.
    Another thing I’ve noticed is the conspiracy mindset here(I feel like sometimes i’m that kind of person tho hahaa). Every time there’s a little problem/mistake, the whole city runs wild making it a big drama coupled with conspiracy theories. It doesn’t have to be bad. Just they need to relax a bit. 🙂
    I’m glad u’re interested in my city after your traveling to here.
    Have a nice day.

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