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What does backpacking mean to me



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Backpack means


Travels has a lot of different types. Being on a travel lets you know what you really want in life, or in my case, travels is what I want in my life.

I’d rather call it backpacking since to me it means something different. It is a kind of experience you’ll never find if you only focus on living in a fancy luxurious life. At some point you have to learn how to minimalise, unless you’re super rich, in which case you don’t even have to bother anything.

Backpacking on budgets teaches you to appreciate more. Stories that come along your journey from other people make you a humbler person, as you get inspired each day. If you don’t open up your world to others, everything means nothing.

Basic is more. One smile means everything. It is all you need. Take a bike or roam around one place give you a sense of spirituality. It doesn’t have to be monetary, cause you can’t buy nature. Again, unless you’re super rich, but in which case the nature wouldn’t be appreciated anyway.

Backpacking gives you a chance to witness. To witness people’s life even they speak a completely different language. This is the time you learn to connect with people. It’s more about living than having. It’s about the eagerness to live your life.


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